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Robesonia Community Library Lease Agreement


In an effort to address concerns raised at Borough Council’s March 6th meeting, concerning the Robesonia Community Library Lease Agreement, we are releasing relevant documents for public review. We hope this release of information will address any concerns or misinformation; and trust the reader to reach their own informed opinion.

Notable Sections Raised as Concerns:

Background - 

“The Tenant has leased from the Borough and the Borough has agreed to continue to lease to the Tenant certain premises in the Robesonia Borough Municipal Building, consisting of approximately two thousand square feet (2,000 sq. ft.) (collectively, the “Leased Premises”), along with the use of additional shared facilities in common with the Borough employees and customers which include parking spaces, restroom facilities, and the hallway (the “Common Area”). Specifically excluded from the Leased Premises is the Borough Hall space and associated Borough Hall facilities.” Comment: The four walls of the library is exclusive use space of the Robesonia Community Library (a non-profit corporation). The Borough Hall Business Office and Public Meeting Room is exclusive use space of Robesonia Borough (a Municipal Government). The Lease Agreement does NOT preclude requested use of the Public Meeting Room, but does specify the Public Meeting Room is not included (by right) as part of the leased premises ensuring the room will be available for public meetings, borough business, and other municipal use. The lease simply defines what space is occupied by Robesonia Community Library, what space is occupied by Robesonia Municipal Government, and what space is common use area by right of lease agreement. 

4. Annual Contribution - 

“Annual Contribution. At the discretion of the Borough, the Borough shall make an annual contribution to the Tenant in the amount of Forty-Six Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($46,500.00), which amount may change at the discretion of the Borough.Comment: Local funding to the Robesonia Community Library by the taxpayers of Robesonia Borough IS NOT being “cutoff” or “reduced’. The current estimated contribution remains fixed at $13,500 cash donation and $33,000 in rent, utilities and services for a combined total of $46,500.00.

11. Utilities and Services.(a) The following utilities and services shall be included in the rent: water, 

sewer, trash, electric (heat and air conditioning), snow removal, grass cutting and maintenance.


(b) In the event that the Tenant shall leave the lights on in the Leased Premises at any time over night or during the weekends when the library is not open for business, the Borough may, in the Borough’s sole discretion, charge the Tenant an additional fee of Ten Dollars ($10.00) per occurrence. Comment: The Robesonia Community Library is being asked to be responsible stewards of utilities that are being paid by Robesonia Taxpayers.

(c) At the Borough’s option, the Borough may install an electric thermostat for energy conservation purposes to regulate the temperature in the Leased Premises. The Borough shall have control of the thermostat with input from the Tenant’s employees regarding the temperature setting of the Lease Premises during the Tenant’s normal business hours. 

Comment: The Robesonia Community Library is being asked to be responsible stewards of utilities that are being paid by Robesonia Taxpayers.

Document 2 - Library Cost & Usage 

This document (click below to view) was prepared in 2022 in response to a funding increase request by the Robesonia Community Library Board of Trustees. 

Click image to read entire report.


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