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December Borough Council Meeting Minutes



December Police Report Posted


Setting the Record Straight, AGAIN!


A local Facebook page reporting on Robesonia’s October 3rd meeting of Borough Council has again posted inaccurate public meeting information. In an effort to set the record straight we are responding to the below statements.


 1) “Spotts wants to up trash/recycling to balance the budget due to $20,000 in delinquent Trash fees.”  


INACCURATE - Vice President Mark Spotts stated there will be NO INCREASE to the 2023 Trash/Recycling Fee despite an estimated $20,000 in delinquent accounts. Council is moving forward to contract with a collection agency to recover delinquent trash/recycling fees which will make-up for any 2023 trash/recycling deficit. 


2) “Not ONE WORD of Thanks or Appreciation was Spoke to Thank or Acknowledge Randy Gartner and all his Years of Service and Contributions to Robesonia.”


FALSE - President Harvey Marshall publicly thanked Mayor Randy Gartner for his commitment and service to Robesonia Borough.


3)  Mr. David Bright appointed to Water Authority.


INACCURATE - Mr. Bright was appointed to Robesonia Sewer Authority.


4) Wernersville Correction Center 


CLARIFICATION - Wernersville Correction Center was never mentioned or part of the Robesonia Borough Council meeting.  

5) “2023 budget approved with no increase.”


TRUE - There will be NO Local Real Estate Tax increase for 2023.

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